Water blasting fun

Waterblasting and getting soaked

Today's job in Auckland CBD was interesting. The roof was steep, The weather was bad and the gutters on the roof needed to be protected. However we still had fun. The boys chose not to wear jackets and are getting pretty wet. Always a good idea to wear full wet weather gear when abseil water blasting next to someone because you absolutely soak one another. My recommendations for wet weather gear is the tornado gear made out of pvc with welded seams. and definitely get the overalls pants option. You can get them from protector safety in Penrose.


Abseil Waterblasting can be hard work. But in this case we only had the one waterblast machine onsite. so we were sharing it between the three of us. Alot easier although slower that way but the water was limited where we were so it was our only option.

getting drenched waterblasting

Tip of the day:

wear full wet weathers when abseil waterblasting because your work mates will drench you.

Don''t descend lower then your work mates because the water will run off the building and straight on to you.

Be Safe every one

#abseil #waterblast #commercialcleaning #washdownAuckland

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