What is a water fed pole and what is the best one to buy.

What is a water fed pole? Gardina, tucker pole, reach it. maybe you have heard these names before. these are the names of top water fed pole manufacturers. For window cleaners the water fed pole is essential. they are made out of aluminium, carbon fiber or even kevlar. carbon fiber is the most common because they are light weight and can get up to heights of up to 80 feet. thats eight stories!! Basicly its a long telescopic pole with a hose that runs on the inside right up to to a brush connection where the water feeds out of the brush so that you can scrub the window and rinse it off at the same time. and when combined with a pure water system such as deionization or reverse osmosis you get an amazing clean with your water fed pole. i've used many water fed poles. Tucker pole, gardina, reach it. And by far gardina is the best. You can get a good high performance water fed pole Up to 60 feet (6 Stories) for under $2500aud. Go to www.windowcleaningworld.com

They have the best online store that i've seen with everything you need for window cleaning and all the best products. just keep in mind that orders over $1000 you will need a customs client code. which DHL will help you with. Dont worry its free of charge. Also you will have to pay the GST once your good get to New Zealand. if your serious about window cleaning then having a water fed pole is a must. You will get more jobs because you will be able to do more and it is much safer than climbing ladders. My recommendations is the Gardina super max 61 which you can buy 3 extra extensions for to get you to 65 feet. That's what I have and it is amazing. it cost me $1900aud then GST once it got here. In total $2500nzd. that includes shipping brush and hose kit so it's complete ready to use. The same thing from tucker pole is $4000nzd. I hope this Blog is helpful. I Know how hard it is to find the right one because there are so many of them out there. but i highly rate the Gardina super max 61 heres some pics of us using them.

Gardina super max 61

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