The Best Window Cleaning Squeegees To Use

With so many different window cleaning products on the market it can be hard to know which product is the best. pulex, quad pro, unger, ettore the list just goes on. So what's the best window cleaning product out there? In my opinion Sorbo is the best by far. In window cleaning if you want reliability, high quality and long lasting Rubbers, sorbo is the best. The rubber is super soft which means you hardly have to press it on the window at all. Also the rubber last longer than any other product out there. We only use sorbo for high rise window cleaning because it is the only rubber that is still sharp even after using it all week. Because of its super smooth glide you can clean windows at super fast speeds without leaving any streaks. Sorbo products are more expensive but well worth the investment. The sorbo tool belt is also great for doing ground work because there are loops for your rags which means the belt is not to bulky which is important for when you are doing internal window cleaning. A bulky belt tends to to knock things over. Also if you are doing any pole work make sure you use wagtail products. wagtail is a mop an squeegee combination which swivels, so even when its on the end of a pole you can still swivel it so that it cleans just like you were using your hand. wagtail is perfect for pole work. Where can you buy these products? The best place is from windowcleaningworld I hope this Blog was helpful.

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