What to look for in a window cleaner

Have you had problems with your last window cleaner? here is some advice when choosing a window cleaner.

Reliability-will the window cleaner be there the time he agreed to?? Will they show up at all??

Many people complain that window cleaners don't turn up on time which can throw your whole day out. This is not acceptable! There may be times when the weather may not allow the job to take place, but to not show up without a phone call to reschedule is not on. Make sure they will communicate with you about any changes to their schedule or if they cannot make it. This shows that they respect you and realise that it is a privilege to be in your home.

Insurance-Does your window cleaner have their liability insurance sorted?

Many small window cleaning companies may not have insurance. this leaves you unprotected from any breakages or injuries that could happen. if a window cleaner does not have insurance STAY AWAY!!! If a window cleaner drops their ladder on your vehicle or damages any other part of your property, you will be left high and dry. Ask your window cleaner for a certificate proving their insurance. If they cant provide this, look for another window cleaner.

Safety-Every year around the world there are many injuries and even deaths related to window cleaning. A professional window cleaning company will invest a lot of time and money into safety. Does your window cleaner use water fed pole systems for high windows to reduce the use for ladders? If they do have to work at height will they put systems in place to keep them safe? Will they refuse to do some windows if they cannot do them safely? Health and safety is number one. Companies that use water fed pole systems show that they are serious about safety and about doing a good job. Look out for this when choosing a window cleaning company.

Professionalism- Does your window cleaner have a uniform? do they have a vehicle with their company name or a very tidy well kept vehicle? Do they have a website you can look at to learn more about them? Do they have professional business cards with all their contact details on them? Do they have business cards at all? Are they well spoken? (no cursing) All of these things are very important and show that they are professionals and will do a good job. The actual window cleaning is the easy part. That's the part you can see. it's all the work behind the scenes that shows a professional window cleaning company. Make sure to look out for these things when choosing a window cleaning company.

Trustworthy- Anyone with $50 can go and purchase window cleaning equipment and come and knock on your door offering to clean your windows. These people will be rough, want to be paid in cash, and charge very low prices. For good quality window cleaning tools and a water fed pole system you'll be paying $1000 to $5000! A company that has invested in their window cleaning equipment is definitely a trustworthy company. this shows a company that works hard to maintain a good reputation and if they spend money on their tools then you can be sure they have invested in other important areas of their company. Look for companies that have spent a lot on their window cleaning business. This shows their business is very important to them and would never do anything to damage their reputation. The last thing they would do is steal or go through your possessions and risk ruining their name and undoing all the time and money they have spent on their business.

Window Cleaning

If You want a company that ticks all of these boxes then make sure you call us and then we can discuss how we can your window cleaning needs.


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